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BlackJackGUI. java Authors: Lewis, Chase, Coleman // // Provides a graphical user interface for a blackjack game // using the BlackJack class to provide the. I am not happy with this code as I am sure there are better ways to do what I'm trying to achieve. I'm a beginner and I've used what I know to. I just completed my first multi class program, Blackjack, and it works! It allows the user to play Blackjack against a single dealer, with no other.

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Casino states Sometimes, static functions make sense, but if you have too many, it's a sign of bad design. You should make your entire application more Object Oriented. Posted 08 December - However, I think that this is enough for today. Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges. Notice there's also a Card object. Leave the round of hands out of it. Review the other classes. Write a Blackjack applet that lets the user play a game of Blackjack, with the computer as the dealer.
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I've tackled design and the use of arrays. And some casinos will let you split again if you get more pairs. This comment doesn't say what the function does. But, if I place my switch drawcard in an method in an other class, I can only return 1 variable, and I want to return more the name of the card, the points you get by it and if it's a ace or not. Bet amount should not be greater than balance i. Leave the round of hands out of it.

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I guess if I can't get that, I'll just ask for more specific help in the coming days of getting this thing to run!! If playAgain is a single character, use char. Remind me not to visit your casino except maybe for a job: John Pulple 21 1 3. Remind me not to visit your casino except maybe for a job: In fact most of the other comments in the code don't add value either. Questions like these are fun to answer. Text based Blackjack game in Java. This is the effect that allows card counters to gain a statistical advantage in Blackjack. Open in Desktop Download ZIP. You might want to check out this post about OOP in Poker and some of the questions in P laying Cardsand also read about Object-Oriented Programming Zulu trading in general. Given all this, you should be able to understand the paint method. Review the other classes . Takes into account the value of aces. Why does BlackJackGame need to be prompted to ask for a new game There are two players; dealer and user. The game loop pattern , where you have a initialize then just a update , can apply here, in a simple form. Also the betting is absurd! Have I achieved it? There are two players; dealer and user. The reason for this is being able to reuse the code, and for Blackjack's rules about Aces: I hope you get more answers and use these in your learning project to post a follow-up question. Your game now has Decks, Splits, betting, multiple players, logging, statistics, save and load, ASCII card images and basically so much features that your text-based game is now 10K lines. Blackjack Game Posted 08 December -

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